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The Humans of New Earth use a system to run Epic on their world. The system uses a headset and gloves to interact with the world. No one on New Earth "ever experimented as the game's designers had intended".

Avatar Creation

The system that runs Epic on New Earth has an option for the creation of avatars that people can use to interact with the world of Epic, a similar process to most MMORPGs. This first decision needed to make is the Gender of your character. In Epic, Erik Haraldson chooses female though on New Earth, "usually people stuck to their own gender". The next option is to flick through the enormous database of figures of the chosen gender and pick one. Next you have to allocate start-up points on attributes including; combat skills, beauty, craft skills, weapons, magic items and spells. When confronted with this decision in Epic, Erik allotted all his points to beauty, though "serious gamers, and the whole world consisted of serious gamers, never wasted a point on beauty... As a result, Epic's population of players consisted entirely of dull, grey-looking humanoids". Erik takes a break at this point in the selection process, though when he returns it's time to decide his character's discipline, some of the disciplines include pirate and thief but some of the hundreds of less common options include: footpad, swashbuckler, chevalier, gambler, tumbler, drifter.

The discipline summary for the swashbuckler is as follows:
The swashbuckler is similar to the pirate, a warrior whose true home is on the high seas. However, the swashbuckler has the manners and style to make an impression in urban environments. They combine a lightly armoured fighting skill with much of the knowledge of a thief and the je ne sais quoi of a court dandy. When it comes to swinging on a chandelier across a hall full of enemies, fending off sword-cuts from below, having stolen the jewels from a crown, swashbuckling is the only discipline to have.


In the UI (User Interface) of Epic, players can use commands starting with a '#' to make their avatar make an action or gesture. A list of known commands and their use is as follows:

  • #smile - The avatar grins, at least that's what Cindella does, most avatars see the "grey polygons of their head shuffle in a gesture indistinguishable from a snarl".
  • #wave farewell - The avatar waves goodbye.
  • #wave - The avatar waves.
  • #bye - It is unclear what exactly this command does but it seems to end a conversation with an NPC.
  • #wave+smile - A combination of the #wave and #smile commands, the avatar greets another being with a smile and a wave of the hand.
  • #mock - This command sets the avatar to use the skill, mock, which the avatar then mocks a target, distracting and angering them.
  • #curtesy - The avatar bows.
  • #hug - The avatar hugs another target being.
  • #nod - The avatar nods their head.
  • #bow - The avatar bows.

The Inventory

Players of Epic each have their own collections of items which are stored in there inventory. The menu sorts items under the following headings; weapons, magic, food, drink, armour, pouch and purse.


In the game, avatars have different skills based on their disciplines. These skills are found in the skills menu under headings such as; combat, thieves and others.




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