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This is the universe that Humans live in and there are many planets.



The planet of origin for the humans.

Base 7C13

New Earth

A colony of humans have populated the planet of New Earth and the have not tolerance for violence. Any form of physical violence is treated the same and the offenders are sent to the Isle of Roftig. Instead of physical violence, the people of New Earth have a video game, Epic, in which they trade with currency have can battle in arenas.

The Isle of Roftig

This is where criminals get sent, including Anonemuss and even Erik Haraldson's dad, Harald Erikson.

Hope District


This is where the Hope Library and Hope Hospital are. Thorstein works at the Hope Library and Ivarson was in the Hope Hospital at the same time as Erik.


Is a small village in the Hope District. The story of Epic starts here. The residents include: